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Interview with Scholarship Award to ISJ General Course 2015

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Participant attended the General Course of Non-Life Insurance 2015 Tokyo, Japan

From 17th – 31st October 2015 hold by GIAJ

Application Name Mr. Yim Ratana
Current employee Cambodia-Vietnam Insurance Plc.
Position Deputy Manager, Claims department
Training Course Non-Life Insurance and Risk Management in Japan



1-  1- How long does it take to complete this course?

The course started from 19th to 31st October 2015 which included group tour to visit Kamakura and other member companies of GIAJ.

2-   2- What do you think about this course?

It’s great to have chance attending the course, because it gave me a chance to mingle with peers from other regions. We had opportunities to communicate between us, especially in insurance industry. I enjoyed myself among this friendly atmosphere and benefitted a lot from the course.

3-   3- Briefly describe your experience of joining this course?

We learnt from different experiences both Japanese and regions countries of general insurance market. Each country presents their insurance market especially for non-life insurance business. They share about distribution system, sales methodology, risk exposure and management. We joined the group discussion where participated from different countries to focus on one topic to be presented. During the course, we were invited to visit the Research and Training Center for Auto Mobiles repair of Jiken Center Co., Ltd.

4-   4- What do you think about this course would build the human capacity of Insurance Industry? Why?

This is the useful course which provided experiences for the participant who came from different counties. The participants understood the current situation of insurance market from each country and the issue they are challenging with the means to solve. This benefit enable to the trainee to copy their experience to adopt or settle what they are challenging within their current issue in insurance business.

5-   5- What benefits did you get after participation in this course?

After we learnt from the other experiences both Japanese and regions countries enable us to know their current development of insurance market and the means they settle the problem. We have idea to suggest to the company’s management for our business and also to the regulator to simplifying the laws and regulations to catch up the changing society in order to seek the opportunity for insurance business.


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