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Interview with AYIM Scholarship Award


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Application Name Mrs. Devy Ladeth
Position Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager
Training Course ASEAN School for Young Insurance Managers



1. How long does it take to complete this course?

A: 7days from 26/10/2015 to 01/11/2016

2. What do you think about this course?

A: It is very useful for my career and I can understand about the basic principle how to manage and lead the company to achieve the target/profit and also the important of other department functions. Moreover I’m also able to know other friends around ASEAN from the same industry and we could share working experience and market feedback to each other.

3. Briefly describe your experience of joining this course?

A: It was very joyful as I can learn new things and the real practicing such as finance, human resource management, claim management and risk management. It is not only the theories like we learned at school but it teaches about the real practice and experience in our insurance industry which we can focus on. Moreover, we could learn & hear from other participants about what is happening in their market and compare to our market. We had group discussion and teamwork and we had dinner and social activities and those can get us to know well about the other participants and we can make friend and also able to have corporate business in the future as well.

4. What do you think about Insurance Industry in Cambodia to other ASEAN Country? Please briefly explain.

A: As I got sharing experience and the market feedback from others participants, I noted that our Cambodia insurance industry is not really young as this industry established since 1993 and if compare to the premium for the whole market we got only around USD 40 + million. Moreover, we got few players where the other ASEAN countries have more than 20 players in the market so our industry still has a very big gap for competition. Furthermore, their people has been educated the important of insurance since the school and insurance buyers are from all market segment including small & medium business & individual whereas our buyer mostly in the big businesses.

5. Do you think this course would build the human capacity of Insurance Industry? Why?

Yes, I do. Because it could help us to understand the risk and how to manage the risk not only the risk we insured itself but also the risk from our management and leadership in the company

6. What benefits did you get after participation in this course?

A: I’m able to improve my management and leadership with my team.


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