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Interview with YAMA Award Winner 2015

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Application Name Hun Oudamsoriya
Current employee Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC
Position Head of Legal and Corporate Integrity
Program attended Young Asean Insurance Manager Award (YAMA) 2015


  1. Describe what motivated you to join this competition?

My company indeed motivated me for the award by nominating and providing me with all the support for award competition and I was truly honoured for such nomination.

Apart from that, I had some self-aspiration for such honourable award since 2010 where I attended the AYIM (ASEAN Young Insurance Manager) Program in Philippines I learnt that YAMA was a forum for the ASEAN talents award and I further understood that one of the Cambodian was once granted such award in 2006. I was my dream to become such ambassador to pursue the mission of the industry promotion in Cambodia.

Since the first time I was selected as one of the finalist I further committed myself to the award for I was on the half way of my dream, and not only for my own benefits, but rather to my nascent insurance industry. I firmly understand that winning this award would inter alia brings reputation to the Cambodian insurance industry and also serves as a reminding message to all the talents and youth of today in the industry to commit to excellence and enhance both knowledge and know-how to contribute to the improvement of the insurance.

It is a real national pride and prize. I think I feel a real deep need to represent the Cambodia on a spotlight glamorously and maybe in a way that catches the local people attention to learn from my model. I believe that being a YAMA winner I can become of one of the catalyst to contribute to the sustainable development in Cambodia and can bring local talents on the same page in the regional forum.     

  1. What do you think about YAMA program?

I think this YAMA program is a very successful and rewarding program to build the skilled pool human resource for the industry in term of motivating and encouraging the talents and young managers to show their competency, capability, innovation and contribution to their own industries which in turn will produce the productive and competitive forum to build the ASEAN insurance industry to become the fast-growing economies in the globe.

Conceptualized and initiated by the AITRI (ASEAN Insurance Training and Research Institute), the program is also perceived as one of the key initiatives for the insurance industry relevant to the realization the ASEAN Economic Community envisioned to have a smooth regional economic integration where rich and generous human resources are essential and fundamental element to achieve such purpose. It is needed to produce a pool of quality human resources with the appropriate levels of experience and capacity at a regional standard that also play a significant role and influential within either local country or across the region. Further, this award has a huge positive impact to the potential leaders in the insurance industry to collectively implant and nurture youth’s vision for thought leadership and to raise themselves of the same standard of other developed countries in the ASEAN.


  1. 3.What is your vision to motivate people to join YAMA’s competition?

This engagement and motivation will be clearly shown in my capacity as a YAMA winner where I will be a role model and YAMA ambassador to bring inspiration message to other talents and youth in the industry for shaping their expertise and challenging themselves in the region for standard and competency competition.

To pursue my mission, I wish to engage with the Insurance Association of Cambodia and Department of Insurance and Pension of Ministry of Economy and Finance to conduct awareness to the local talents and youth of today in the industry to understand the value of the award and nurture their vision for the industry development through their company performance. Further, to make them a real deep need to represent the Cambodia and leave a legacy to the next generation.

They need to understand that it is one of the national pride. I have cemented the legacy to be the role model to prove the success of contribution and now it is their turn to succeed to the award.


  1. 4.Share your experience how to win this award?

To win this award is not a one day task, but it is an ongoing commitment and contribution. To me, it is not a pure award winning, but rather a recognizing the dedication, contribution and promotion of the insurance industry on a region level.

My simple advices to all who wish to be the YAMA award winner to take certain exercises: 1) have a clear vision of who and where we will be in the future. It is a “picture” of what we aspire to – and what inspires us – in the work life. For this Gen-Y, I believe that young voice has a new voice for new development; 2) be creative and innovative by pursue new initiatives on all the work process and procedure to bring a job efficient and accelerate the business growth; 3) create and seize the opportunity: challenges ourselves to create opportunities. Don’t just wait for the opportunity, create one and go for it; 4) maintain perseverance and continuous professional development: Keep oneself updated both knowledge and know-how. Be persevere and persistent as well, try again and go over, under or around any hurdles. Remember that “Big challenges will bring big success”. Success is not accidental, it is intentional. Do something intentional every day to create the success you want and deserve – quoted from Jim Palmer.

Once you complete this exercise for yourself and contribute to the sustainable growth of the insurance industry you will 80% win the award. Another 20% is only the recognition of others for your achievement and dedication to the industry advancement. Even if you are not selected it does not mean that you do not win the award, but at least you have already won the recognition from your industry.


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