The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia, in partnership with the Insurance Association of Cambodia (IAC), have the honor to host the 18th ASEAN Insurance Regulator’s Meeting (AIRM) and the 41st ASEAN Insurance Council Meeting (AIC). An annual forum for Regulator and private sector in the Region to meet, that will be held at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 27 to 29 October 2015.

At the meeting, AIC plays its strategic roles as the intermediary between the private sector and the Regulators to pursue a vision for the Council to be a strong and prestigious association that will help to facilitate the good cooperation and collaboration of the insurance industry to achieve continued growth and development. By engaging with the AIRM, AIC contributes in finding ways for the sector’s strategies to improve insurance development in the Region, such as the Recommendations from the private sectors that have been presented and submitted to the ASEAN Insurance Regulators during the last year meeting in Brunei Darussalam.

As its objective and commitment to promote the development of insurance in the Region, AIC has been playing significant role in driving not only in providing constructive inputs and recommendations to the ASEAN Insurance Regulators, but also contributing to the developments in insurance markets and its implications as the region works towards establishing an AEC. This important role is likely to be continue beyond the official launching of the AEC later beginning of next year. Accordingly, it is of significant important that aspirations and concerns of insurance industry in the Region can be accommodated adequately in the drafting process of the post-2015 AEC.

The AIRM is a valuable platform for the region’s insurance regulators to have forthright and open exchanges of ideas, views, and to foster closer cooperation for the development of the insurance sector in the Region. Insurance regulators and the industry will definitely need to work closely together to drive successfully of Region development. AIRM long-partnership with the AIC demonstrates that the Insurance Regulators recognise the importance of collaborating with the industry to overcome challenges from the changing financial landscape and capitalise on market opportunities in the years ahead, and to promote shared ownership of desired outcomes in supervision and market development, as well as how to harness the opportunities in the insurance industry 

The 41st AIC Meeting will be held back to back with the 18th ASEAN Insurance Regulators’ Meeting (AIRM) as well as the 12th ASEAN Insurance Training and Research Institute (AITRI) Management Committee Meeting, and several other concurrent meetings to be held on 27 October 2015 as follows:

  1. The 16th ASEAN Council of Bureaux (COB) Meeting
  2. The 13th ASEAN Insurance Education Committee (AIEC) Meeting
  3. The 8th ASEAN Natural Disaster Research Works Sharing (ANDREWS)

Where many useful ideas and insight to be shared to increase the capacity building and to boost the industry development in the Region.


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